Chandra Natya - V​.​A. (Intelligent Monkey Records)




Intelligent Monkey begins to release with a first compilation named Chandra Natya. Chandra Natya means 'Moon Dance' and it is the first compilation released by a new project brought out with the name of Intelligent Monkey Records. This label has been founded by DJ PsySari, born in Turkey and currently living in Italy. Since 2005 I.M. tribe is born and has been organizing many parties and a festival with many big artists. In 2007 Sari starts to produce his own music with the name of Intelligent Monkey, name that he decides to use again despite some experiences for which he thought to give up to organize parties. He actually thought about ending the project named IM, but when he starts to produce his own music a new energy comes out of an old dream, so that he realizes that he didnt want to kill that old name, so he starts to produce with the re-born name of INTELLIGENT MONKEY. Finally arrives 2009 when the first release of the new label is ready to come out and break through a new generation of trance lovers. Also a new generation of Intelligent Psychedelic Darktrance Music producers is ready to hit the scene: Darkshire, Dark ozz, Distorted Goblin, Fracktal Error,Hagnetih,Krussedull, Tromo and Intelligent Monkey. This cd is truly made for those who were waiting to listen a full power compilation with A-L-L good tracks. Who will have it will really enjoy listening to all of them feeling our vibes and our dreaming . Who is waiting for the buy cd's and want to lisen all tracks this compilation for you.. We tried to put our best in the possibility we had to show to the psychedelic music lover the best quality Intelligent Psychedelic Darktrance Music. And we will come back again soon with the next coming release for the psychedelic crowd.


released September 1, 2009



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