THORUSWRATH - Rock the house (Digital EP) - Biomechanix Records




Manuel Salvador Olmos Flores aka ThorusWrath was born in 1990 in Mexico City, at the age of 14 years he met the psychedelic trance music, and it was when he loved it and began producing music, after 4 years making music he joined Biomechanix Records label. He made his own style: electro hard style, making everyone go crazy and don´t stop dancing with his acid sounds, powerful lowers, mind games that will make fill yourself with adrenaline. He played in several recognized festivals with artists like: X-noize, Domateck, Faders, Star-x, Virtual attack, Antigravity, Lamat, Speed ball, Chronos, ESD, Sexy vision, Avizz, Nanotech, etc.

I dedicate this EP to my parents, my uncle edgar, my sister, my family and friends: sexy vision, omar, yasat, zero, raul, antigravity, maya, geral, viri, carlos, etc. who always supported me. thanks to Avizz too, for the support and confidence to made this ep. I hope you like it, this is music for you, for everybody who supports me and the track number 4 is dedicated to my father, rest in peace.


released November 10, 2009



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